Using Shutter Glasses with Stereoscope Applet

Last update: Wednesday July 24 2002

Stereoscope Applet supports two viewing modes for shutter glasses:

  1. Line-blanking (interlaced)
  2. Page-Flipping
Line-blanking should work with all line-blanking-capable shutter glasses like Eye3D-glasses or VR-Visualizer glasses. No special configuration is needed. The disadvantage of the line-blanking mode is that the vertical resolution and brightness is reduced.

Better quality is achived by using the page-flipping mode, but therefore you need to configure your system.

ELSA Revelator:

Thanks to Ingo Nadler who sent me two Revelator glasses and an Erazor III Pro graphics board, I could test the Revelator glasses with Stereoscope Applet.
To use the revelator glasses with Stereoscope Applet you must setup your browser environment to enable page-flipping.

VR Visualizer:

You have to use a program which comes with VR Surfer to switch the glasses to the interlaced mode.

The following glasses were not tested by me!
Some friends reported that they work with Stereoscope Applet.

VRjoy glasses:

These glasses are controlled by hardware. No problem with Stereoscope in line-blanking mode.