The File Menu

With the file menu you can browse through the images with PageUp/Down keys and you can download the images to your harddisk.

How to download the images?

Directly saving the images to your harddisk is not possible, since Java may not access your harddisk directly. Thereofore I have implemented a work-around, which opens a new browser window with the selected image. From here you can save the images.

There are four possible menu items in the File Menu, depending on the images the webmaster provides:

Every selection opens a browser window with the selected image. You have to select "Save as..." (or something else, depending on your browser) from the file menu to save the image.

I had to chose this complicated approach, because a JAVA applet can not read or write something from or to your harddisk!
JAVA is extremely secure for you as the web-surfer!